Unmask and Live Free

Stop The Madness

Last week I was chatting with my little sister and telling her how precious her granddaughter is. She mentioned that it made her sad that this little 1-year old only knows a masked world apart from her home. Wow! I had never thought about it from that perspective.

To be totally honest with you, I have pretty much lived my life this past year mask free. Thankfully, the gestapo here isn’t enforcing masks as harshly as other places…with dictators. And, guess what? I’m still alive and haven’t caught anything…..thank you God! I refuse to live my life in fear. It’s sad how many are doing just that.

I will say this, if I have even one symptom of Covid, I’ll get tested and, if positive, I’ll stay home. If I have to go out, I’ll wear a mask to protect others. Seems as simple as that, doesn’t it?

Making us wear masks is just the beginning of control as far as I’m concerned. Are we just gonna sit back and let more and more of our rights and individual choices be taken away? Whether you are aware of it or not, it’s happening already. And, as far as I can see, NO ONE is fighting back. I don’t even know how to begin.

Never before in U.S. history has there been masking or shut-downs, no matter what the disease. I realize Covid is one horribly, nasty nightmare for those who get it. Some worse than others. But guess what? So were the other diseases that didn’t call for a shut-down of the country or force millions to become unemployed. And, most of the people I know who caught Covid wore a mask anytime they were out.

I can’t imagine how the small business owners who have been forced to close down are going to support their families and/or employees. It’s past the point of ridiculousness when we allow politicians to make our choices for us, without any input from us.

Why are we allowing it? Why aren’t we getting a vote in the destructive decisions they’re making? Somebody help me understand!!!!

Wait….did we vote for them so that they could make all of our choices for us? Or, was it so they could improve our country for OUR benefit?

Come on politicians….you remember us, the people you made all the “promises” to? I’m talking to both sides here. Somebody please grow a pair and fight for us!!!!

At this present time in history any publication’s headline could truthfully read “The Government/Media Will NOW Make Choices for You Because Voters Don’t Have the Sense to Make Wise Choices”. No fake news there.

The article could then go on to say, “the choices we make will benefit us….not you. So, sit down, shut-up and don’t even think about talking back or asking common sense questions. Those rights are gone. You put us here to rule and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. You are a stupid, stupid people and we don’t care if our decisions make absolutely no sense whatsoever”.

Know why they do it? Because we are letting them.

Thank God there is proof that there’s a 99% survival rate if you’re relatively healthy and do get Covid. So…..why so much irrational fear? Could it be it’s what we’re reading or listening to…..ad-nauseam? Is there an answer that makes sense to you?

It’s become terrifyingly obvious that the government and media’s fear tactics work so well in controlling us. How did we let this happen? It makes me very sad that we seem to have lost our faith in Who actually controls our future.

Not only are they working on our fear of getting sick and dying, they’re trying to convince us that we live in the most racist country ever!!! And that’s a lie straight from the pits of hell.

Guess how many unarmed black people were shot in the last year. In the thousands? Hundreds? No, in the twenties! Yes, that is way too many of any race, but not untold numbers as the media reports over and over and over again. They just pump it in til we grow weary and just give in and agree. I mean after all, if something is repeated enough times it has to be true…..right?

I’m not naive to think that NO racism exists anymore. I’m aware that there are some ignoramuses still holding on to racism. They’re idiots and should be held accountable. However, I truly believe that it’s a very small minority of American citizens. Not the majority.

Please research the circumstances of each reported news story they tell you at this point. I promise you, you’ll find more details than the media will give you. Reality check….not everything a celebrity says is true either.

Races Unite

In reality America has grown so far from a being a racist country in the past 60 years. Now it seems it’s just reversed and starting all over again in the other direction.

Once again, thanks to all the robotic media people sharing one brain. They only tell us what they’re programmed to. The majority of which have no sense of what’s truth and what isn’t. Or, if they do have the sense, they don’t care or they are cowards.

Shame on you all! Quit continuously trying to divide us. A country divided cannot stand united.

I’m ready to start a media and mask boycott and march in the streets (mask free) and take our lives and freedom back. If there are ways to help get our constitutional freedoms back again, I sure would love to hear some ideas that could actually work.

As you can tell, the frustration really gets to me at times. Let’s please don’t just sit back and let our freedoms disappear. We need to remember they work for us. Demand a voice in the decisions being made!

Now for the good news! Truth is and has always been that “good wins in the end”. Believe me, when the doubts and frustrations start, I have to remind myself of that fact time and time again.

Turn off the news and turn the music up and do what you can be stop the madness!

Pray for America, unmask and live free again!

3 thoughts on “Unmask and Live Free

  1. Wonderful commentary Debbie. I think I am going to make copies of this and hand one to every person who
    looks at me funny for not having a mask on.


  2. This is SPOT-On!! Thank you for putting into words exactly what millions of us are thinking/feeling right now!! 👏👏👏


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