Listen to the Right Voice Within

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Me…writing a blog?  Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say?  These are the thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis.  Well, here I go.  Tune out the voices & just start writing

Have you ever wanted to do something that you feel God put on your heart?  But, something stops you over & over again?   Mostly it’s self-doubt, resulting in procrastination for me.  Yes, I’m guilty…I repeatedly listen to the deeply rutted recording that plays over & over again in my head.

That’s it!  I’m done!  It’s way past time to break the old record & record a new voice.  I hope whoever reads this blog learns this lesson a whole lot younger than I did.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in my position….living a self induced busy life on a hamster wheel.  Exhausted, but accomplishing nothing of value.

God does NOT want us to live in an unhappy, boring, deeply rutted existence.  He came to give us an “abundant life”…..not a life we just trudge through, doing the same thing day after day after day……

If only we were bright enough to discern when our self dug rut begins.…  It would make it so much simpler to just step out.

So, how about you?  How deep is your rut?  Do you want to start today and make the climb with me?  I have to tell you that mine is deep.  I’ve been digging this rut since my husband passed away…over 6 years ago.

If you’re like me, you’re going to need a strong, thick rope and/or a tall ladder.  Or, maybe we just need faith to trust in the big, strong arms of God to lift us out.  Nothing is impossible for Him.

Let’s get this party started and renew our minds with the truth that God is for us!!  And, if He is for us, nothing can defeat us, if we learn to trust Him.  Faith is just like using any other muscle.  Use it or lose it.

Tell the voices in your head to quit making excuses, lying and discouraging you from reaching the desires of your hearts.  If you have to, put little positive sticky notes everywhere to remind yourself that you are a beautiful child of God.  Ask for His strength and guidance.  If His desire for you is different from your desire, trust Him to know what is best.

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