So Much To Do, So Little Time

fashion-girl-person-81009Do you wake up in the morning thinking about how much there is to do?  No wonder you feel 1000 pounds heavier…in your mind.  All these little things that clutter your thoughts can weigh you down.  Trust me, I know things.  🙂


If you’re anything like me, you’ll flit around from one responsibility to another.  It’s hard to focus on what you’re doing because you’re thinking of the next chore that needs to be done.  Oh look, laundry…..Sometimes at the end of the day, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving all day, but have accomplished NOTHING!!!

We all have an endless list of chores….every day!  If we prioritize the list and focus on one task at a time, we’ll get more accomplished.  It helps me to focus when I write a list of daily goals and check them off as I go.

It took me a while, but I’ve discovered, chores that don’t get done, can wait until tomorrow.  And, guess what?  It doesn’t matter.  Nothing bad happens.  The world still turns.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to procrastinate….that would be wrong.  Just give yourself a break if it ALL doesn’t get done… your time limits.

God will help you arrange your priorities if you ask Him.  Spend alone time with Him every morning to start your day….even if you have to get up a few minutes earlier.  Try this & let me know if your day runs smoother.

He should be the priority….every day!  What’s that you say?  It’s hard to focus on God when I’m so busy!!!  Yes, it is.  That’s why you need to ask Him, many times a day,  to give you His strength and His peace.  He’ll do the rest.  We will hear His voice more clearly with an uncluttered, focused mind.

His peace is infused into your entire being when you allow His presence to be at the forefront of your mind.  It takes determination and practice, but it can be done…..with His help!   Thank Him for His help, even in the little things.

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