Mother’s Day Thoughts

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!  I had a nice relaxing lunch with my Mom and sister today.  We were smart and called in an order to go…otherwise we’d still be in the waiting area of the restaurant.  I’m so blessed to still have my Mom with me.  When I see my Mom and the great Mom my daughter has become, I find myself feeling very inadequate as a Mom. 

Me & Tami

I had my daughter when I was not much older than a child.  She and I grew up and learned about real life together.  I made so many mistakes and just pray that one day she will know, that no matter what, I gave it my best….at the time.  And, that she brought out the best of me.  There’s no telling what I would have gotten into had I not had her at that time.  I was heading down the wrong road.  She was the reason I became a responsible adult….quickly.

Once again, that was God knowing what was best for me…even though I was a clueless teenager (who already knew everything).

My Heavenly Father now brings out the best of me…when I choose to listen and use His wisdom instead of my own.

Learning how to trust in His perfect love is like saying goodbye to the chains that hold us down….for instance, living in shame or guilt.  We can turn our head from our shame or guilt when we rely upon His Love.  When we finally learn and know without a doubt that He’s forgiven us, even before we make the mistakes.  He doesn’t condemn us…why do we?

He is the true reason why we live.  Our lives have meaning and are full of hope with Him.  All we ever need or seek is found in Him.  I seriously can’t understand how people that don’t know Him, as He should be known, can face life’s trials without Him. 

When doubts start to flourish in my head, I pray and He lifts me up high above those doubts.  My heart soars with the clouds and I can finally see that living in His presence always brings out the best of me.  He sets a fire under me and puts me back on track….no matter how many times I ask.  Trust me…it’s a bunch!

I am stronger and more peaceful because of Him!  When I stray He grabs my hand and leads me back where I belong.  I know for a fact that my Mom’s prayers have a lot to do with this.

His love inspires me and brings out the fighter in me.  And, we need to be fighters for the battle that is waged against us.  Otherwise, we’ll fall under the weight of all the condemnation, guilt, shame and comparing ourselves with others, that we heap upon ourselves on a daily basis. 

My Beautiful Mom

Thank you God for helping me to be the best of me….for You!  And, thank you Mom for seeing that we had a Christian upbringing.  I may have taken that for granted, but not anymore.  I love you!  Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Thoughts

  1. Gosh, this is good!! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! We are so so blessed. Happy Mother’s Day!


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