Make Right Choices

I travelled back in time this past weekend. I saw ZZTop and Bad Company in concert in Dallas.  It was amazing, loud and crowded.  I went with a girlfriend that’s been one of my BFF’s for 43 years.  She’s the type of friend that no matter how much time passes between our visits we pick right back up and have fun once again.   

There’s a very special story about this particular friend.  I met her when she was still a teenager.  It was a few months after she gave birth to a precious little boy.  She knew at the time that she couldn’t give him the life he deserved, so she opted to put him up for adoption.

After I had known her for about 20 years she called and asked me if she could put my name on a list as a go between her and her son…..just in case he ever made the decision to find her.  She always had the desire to know him and make sure he was loved.  I told her I’d be honored. 

Well, lo and behold, 20 plus years later she got a letter from him saying he had been looking for her for 16 years.  He also let her know it was okay if she didn’t want to hear from him, but he just had to know. There was something missing in both of their lives.

She called me crying in joy and unbelief that she was finally going to get to meet her son.  It was a reunion straight from heaven.  I will forever be grateful that she invited me to go with her when she met him.

I can’t even describe the elation of seeing a Mom meet her child for the first time in 43 years.  They held on to each other for the world’s longest hug. Tears were flowing and the connection was immediate.   He cannot be denied by her.  They were almost twins. 

Momma Suzy and Son Cory

Way back long ago, she had a decision to make.  She chose to have this precious baby boy for a family that longed for a child to love.  She could have made a much easier choice to go in a whole different direction.

I know this subject is a big issue and causes so much division among people.  God gave us free will to make our own choices, which I believe we should have.  But, our choices will result in consequences.  Maybe not today, but way down the road of life….when its least expected.

The ecstatic joy of meeting and beginning a relationship at this stage in their lives showed, without a doubt, that she had made the right decision so long ago.  I’ve never seen her happier and was so glad to be a part of her journey on her way back to her son.  I’ve been adopted as his official Aunt Debbie.

I know that every situation like hers doesn’t turn out with such a happy ending…or new beginning.    But, I do know that our life choices matter in the long run.  Make right ones!

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