Imagination Gone Wild

Have y’all ever seen Darci Lynne from America’s Got Talent?  If not, where the heck have you been?  Anyway, she’s an amazingly talented ventriloquist.  Not only does she speak through her puppets…she sings through them…beautifully!!!  She won AGT when she was twelve years old in 2017.  Yes, I said twelve!!!  Google it!

She and several other entertainers came to my mind while listening to a powerful podcast today that really hit home. Todd Herman, author of The Alter Ego Effect and The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life, was the guest speaker for Ruth Soukup on a Doing It Scared podcast.

I highly recommend listening to all of the Doing It Scared podcasts.  Especially, if you’ve ever had the desire to start something new….but fear (for whatever reason) has held you back.  

Todd said that we should all choose and activate our alter ego when we face something that is too big for us (in our minds).  We all have a super hero just below the surface.    I thought wait….what?  

He said he has one…now Ruth has one too.  Did you know Beyonce had one?  So did David Bowie and Bono.  Who knew? If you think about it most entertainers probably do…whether they realize it or not. 

Having an alter ego will help you accomplish so much more than your “normal” selves would.  Todd said that when he needed extra confidence and power to start something new or get unstuck he would put on a pair of glasses to transform into his hero, Super Richard. 

He didn’t need to wear glasses to see. He just used them and the name Super Richard to distinguish the difference between himself and when his super hero took over.  Our imaginations are powerful. His alter ego pushed him past his fears.  After all, a super hero is not afraid and always wins and accomplishes his or her goals….don’t they?

Endless Possibilities!

Have you ever watched a child who played super hero games?  They put on a cape and are, all of a sudden, fearless and flying off of every surface.  Their imaginations go wild with endless possibilities. 

I think we would all make better choices if we imagined and believed as a child does.  It’s sad to me that as we age, our imaginations and dreams fade as we get busy with every day life. 

Who would you be if you could just put on a mask and become a super hero?   It doesn’t have to be an actual super hero character.  It can be anyone or anything that pushes and/or motivates you to complete your goal.  Or, it could just be Super You! 

Give yourself a Super name and put on something…whatever it may be to help you get into the Super You mode.   Of course, it doesn’t have to be a cape but if that works for you….wear it. 

It’s time to discover and activate my alter ego.  What super hero will I become? I need my hero to push me until I’m completely out of my rut and to take over when some of the responsibilities seem too overwhelming for me to handle on my own? 

Wonder Lynn

I think I’ll steal Todd’s idea and use part of my name…but instead of Super Lynn, I’ll be Wonder Lynn.  You know, like Wonder Woman…..  I’ll wear a headband for my costume… 

So, now just envision me facing any and every obstacle with a headband over my forehead….like a boss! I may even get a cape…..

Who is your alter ego going to be?  Or, does this idea just seem silly to you?  Feel free to leave your comments.  I’d love to hear who you choose and your alter ego’s name.

The way I look at it, if nothing else has worked for you up to this point in your life, wouldn’t it be worth a shot?  It all boils down to your choice…move up and on, or dig your safe little ruts deeper. 

Whether the amazingly talented Darci Lynne knows it or not, her puppet is her alter ego.  When she’s holding it she has more power and courage to show her talents to the world.

Some people may say she’s just hiding behind the puppets.  This may be true, but hasn’t she’s figured out a way around her fear in order to succeed?  Whatever works…

I wish I had figured that out when I was twelve….  And, a child shall lead them….

It’s never too late to become your own super hero!

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