I’ll Do It Tomorrow…..Maybe

I don’t feel like doing that….it can wait til tomorrow…. I say or think it all the time.  I drive myself crazy.  I’m my own worst enemy!!!

Dang, why is it so easy it is to put things off?  Especially the things we really don’t enjoy doing. Such as housework, going to Wal-Mart, bathing dogs….the list goes on ad nauseum.  Then along comes tomorrow and we face the same responsibilities all over again. 

However, when we choose not to wait til tomorrow and just get the tasks done and over with…then when tomorrow comes we’re relieved that we can move on to something else.  It makes us proud…even the smallest task can bring out a little satisfaction is us.  We made the effort.  We got it done!

Waiting for tomorrow is especially easy when we’re trying to start over and begin a new life…or just making necessary changes in ourselves.  We say wait day after day.  What are we waiting for? 

We may not have a tomorrow.  If you knew that for a fact, what would you do today?  Would you love and live more abundantly?  Would you notice the sunrise or sunset?  Or, the myriad of blessings around us on a daily basis that we take for granted and sometimes miss completely?

As long as we stay wrapped inside our small little cocoons of me, me, me…most blessings will go unnoticed.  The world is so much bigger than just me and my little world. 

God didn’t bring us here to just exist and sit on the sidelines of this game of life.  He wants us to be a major part of it….big time!  He made us all with a purpose.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look back and wonder if my good enough could’ve been better.  Each day we’re here is borrowed time.  Why wait for tomorrow?

We can choose to waste the grace He’s giving us daily….or embrace it.  Quit listening to the voices that say wait til tomorrow.  Start believing today that His mercy is as real as He says it is.  He wants to be involved in everything…the big and small tasks that you face every day.  If He’s in them, they don’t seem so overwhelming.    

No, we absolutely don’t deserve His help or His presence…that’s why it’s called Grace!  Undeserved favor is not something you can earn…it’s His free gift to us.  Please don’t disregard it and have regrets later.  If you’re lucky enough to have a later….

Be thankful in all things…even the trials, large or small.  They serve a purpose too.  Let’s reach up to grab the hand that’s reaching down to save us and pull us to freedom…out of the rut.

Make your moment now…don’t wait for tomorrow.  This is the day that my God has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!!

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