Longest Year Ever!

I am so over this year!!!!!  It seems I tumbled headfirst, right back down to the bottom of my rut.  Fact is 2020 has pretty much put us all into ruts.  See, what I did there?  I blamed the year and not myself.  What is wrong with me?  Does 2020 control my thoughts, or do I?

Our normal lives seems to be on hold and there is so much division between us.  I’ve never seen such an obvious war between good and evil in my lifetime.  Our world has turned upside down and inside out and is headed to hell in a hand basket.  One would think there’s nothing but bad news to listen to. 

And don’t get me started on how our media delights in telling bad news and lies over and over and over again.  They are constantly shoving fear, division and bad news down our throats and into our brains from all directions.  So many directions, that no one can even know what the real story is anymore.  Pray for wisdom. 

Truth is our lives have always been in a spiritual battle.  It just seems so much clearer to me now.  Fear and depression can swallow us up when we dwell on the evil that’s happening in this world.  Right now, it seems to have the upper hand. 

Spoiler alert!  In the end good wins.  However, the bad news is that lots of terrible stuff happens first.  That’s a fact that ought to be pretty obvious to anyone.

I realize that there’s absolutely no reason to keep this story of greatness to myself.  You may even wanna dance after you hear it.  It puts the beat back in your chest and the skip in your steps.  Yes, even during these weird uncertain times.  You can be at peace and your heart can jump with joy!

I’m talking about the good news of His love and peace in my life.  You can have it too.  Beware, it’s a narrow path, but there’s room on it for you.  Such peace you will never find, no matter how far and wide you search.  

I’ve been praying for so long, most of the time believing that He was hearing me.  Although I admit, there have been so many times that I’ve had the audacity to question Him.  Can You hear me?  Are You even listening?  Don’t You realize I need an answer……NOW?  Oh Lord, forgive me and help me in my unbelief.  Teach me to trust Your timing.

Please don’t condemn yourself if you have unbelieving days like that, where trust is hard to find.  He knows our hearts and doesn’t condemn us.  That’s the best thing about this good news!  Trust me if He did, I’d be doomed.

Thankfully, I do have those days where it is obvious that He hears me.  I know now that He’s pulling me out of my self induced rut and putting me right here for such a time as now.  Since I have His peace, mercy and joy in me, I feel it would be selfish not to share it with you. 

More good news…if you need it, all you have to do is receive and believe it.  He’ll lead you the rest of the way.  Yes, it’s that easy.  I told you it was good news.

Jesus has already done the work for you…no matter how far gone you might think you are.  His mercy covers EVERYTHING you’ve done and will ever do…if only you believe.  He didn’t make it difficult, we did.

Know why?  Because we get the crazy mindset that we’re in control and it’s all up to us to be worthy enough.  Quit spinning your wheels…that’s not gonna happen. He doesn’t expect us to ever be perfect this side of heaven.

The pain and darkness in this world today can be so depressing if we let it.  We need to stop focusing on all the bad news for a change.  We all need a whole big bunch of peace and light in our world right now.  We all need the good news!  Focus on that! 

If you’re not praying for our country, then please start.  You might wanna take a look see at the Book of Revelations…just to see how the story ends while you’re at it.  He wins the battle! 

Peace out and over you today!  Don’t know how people live without Him…especially now.  God is good! 

Peace & Love

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