We’re All Works In Progress

First of all I’d like to thank my readers for the words of encouragement I receive. You know who you are. My readers may not agree with every word I write and that’s perfectly okay with me. I love your feedback and no matter who you are, you need encouragement, acceptance, forgiveness and love.


I wish I had adequate words to help you understand and then desire the peace I feel when I sense His presence in my soul. The only way to describe it is to say that my heart leaps for joy and I feel light and burden free. The tension in my face and body disappear and I feel as if I could fly.

Once I feel His peace, I’m able to hold onto it until my focus turns to something else. I’m sorry to admit this, but most of the time that’s only about 15 seconds. Perhaps I need Focus Factor…..

Just like you, I’m a work in progress. I live in the hopeful assumption that we’ll feel this amazing peace 100% of the time once we’re in heaven.

So, if this peace is so amazing, why do so many people reject Jesus? There are many reasons, but regrettably the most popular is an influence from someone who claims to be a Christian…but seems anything but Christ like. Judgementalism and hypocrisy are alive and well in our world!

Nothing new there. Even Jesus had a hypocrite following Him every day. Judas claimed to be His follower up until he sold Him out for a measly sum of silver. How did that work out for him? He didn’t even get to spend his ill gotten gain.

Of these very offenses, I admit I’ve been guilty so many times. I even used them for a long time to explain my running away from God. I grew up in church, so I knew what I was talking about. I judged people who were judging me. They were imperfect and judgmental and I used it as an excuse to live like I wanted to and not to seek God and His truth. I’m so thankful for forgiveness…..every minute of every day!

However, the fact that there are hypocrites in the church doesn’t lessen the credibility of the Christian faith. Jesus said, “follow Me”. He didn’t say follow this preacher or follow that church…He said “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

It’s important to distinguish between sin and hypocrisy. ALL Christians are sinners. That’s not gonna change this side of heaven. Christianity doesn’t stand or fall by the way a so-called Christian may act.

Until His return we are fighting a spiritual battle for our souls. You can be sure of this one thing….if you are searching for His truth, the enemy will put people in your path to keep you from finding His peace. When evil puts counterfeit Christians in your path you can be certain that Christianity is real and true.

Christians need to be more aware of how their words and actions affect those who are truly seeking Him. Be a light not a hindrance. Show them love….not judgment. It not our job….God will judge.

Learn to tune out the voices of condemnation when you don’t behave perfectly. We are human and it’s impossible for us to be sin free on this earth. He will forgive you too. All you have to do is ask and thank Him for forgiveness. Condemnation does not come from Him. Romans 8:1

His grace covers me and it will cover you too. All that’s required from you is to ask and believe. I also ask forgiveness from anyone that I may have ever influenced in the opposite direction. I’ve truly heard from and talked to some non Christians that were more loving than some Christians I’ve known. This should not be.

This unearthly, amazing peace I sometimes feel can only come from knowing that God loves and forgives me…..constantly. Forgive me, for my sins are so many….

If we ever needed You, Lord it’s now!

Let’s work together!

5 thoughts on “We’re All Works In Progress

  1. That was great! I can relate completely to your Text! God is sooo good! Thank you, keep up the good message of faith!🙏😊😉


  2. This is SO GOOD! Lifted me up as always! I could ‘relate’ to asking for ‘Peace’, then not being still enough to receive it….getting on to the next ‘aggravation’. 😳 Don’t stop writing. I look forward to these. It replaced one of my ‘devotionals’ today 🙏❤️


  3. Amen, Debbie. I have so felt those moments/seconds of peace you are speaking of. Find myself wishing those moments could last all day.


  4. So good to see a new post on your blog!! Your humility is refreshing in a world where the overwhelming message projected by most Christians is so different. If more Christians accepted their own brokenness and accepted everyone else as works in progress and the “body of Christ” as a whole were to stop judging others and started having a primary message of “come as you are,” imagine what a difference it could make in this world! So many people are thirsty and looking for the water that quenches; only to be told over and over their kind can’t drink from the well. Please keep writing. A voice like yours is needed.


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