Your Deepest Desire

Seek & find

You want something. The problem is, some of you have no idea what this strange, life long deep seated desire is. Well, if truth be told, at a some level you are aware of what your heart desires. It’s hard to admit that, but, you choose to ignore this tug within—don’t you?

Do you think that maybe the main reason you choose to ignore this deep desire is because you are far from perfect and know you’ll never be? Well, guess what? He knows that too…and invites you anyway and then waits patiently to see if you’ll make the right choice. Just as you are. Did you get that? Just as you are….now!

As you go through the various stages of life, you may even try a hundred different things to see if any of it fills up this hole in your soul. At times, you might even think you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for. Only to be let down once again when you realize that wasn’t it either. The emptiness returns. Disillusionment sets in…again. Heavy sigh…..

Now, just imagine walking along one day and God reaches down and takes you into His own family. You’re finally ready to invite Him in to your life. He has witnessed your constant struggle with trying to fill up the emptiness. He is the Initiator of your longing. He has perfect timing.

He has seriously been pursuing you all along this journey of life. He’s been with you through every struggle and victory, as well as in your heart and mind and spirit. Thankfully He’s very patient.

When and if you decide to open your heart to know the Creator, He will awaken your soul with a strong thirst to know Him at a much deeper level. He won’t be surprised when you finally reach out to Him. He knows you will do it before you do. Remember, He put the desire there and didn’t give up. It was painstaking work for Him and He delights when you recognize His work. Praise!!

Even after you invite Him in your life, there may still be days when you’ll barely give Him a second of your time. Then there will be those days when you try to learn more and grow closer, but you just can’t concentrate. Too many distractions. When those days come, and they will, you will find yourself feeling guilty, like you failed again. But, don’t despair and judge yourself.

You’re not God! Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking it’s your spiritual disciplines that keep you close to Him. If you depend on your own efforts to stay near Him, you’ll feel more distant from Him at such times. He’s already closer than the air you breathe.

Once again, simply put…He is the Initiator of your relationship. He knows you’re only human. There is no condemnation…that’s what is so freaking awesome about His love. We don’t have to be perfect, He knows, understands and forgives. Amazing Grace!

When you begin to rely completely on Him, what He has done, is doing, and will do, you will know His love is eternally assured. When that finally gets through your thick head, you will understand and feel His peace. He carries the load. He is the muscle in this relationship.

Super Power

He makes you stronger than you are on your own. He will give you the wisdom to know what is right for your life and what is not…your part is to just ask, then listen. He opens the eyes and ears of your heart and soul.

Learn to trust in His unfailing presence in every aspect of your life and rest in Him. It won’t be easy, but so worth the effort. It takes daily practice. Think of it as a prescription from The Great Physician. Instructions say when you skip a day, just start over again tomorrow. His mercies are new every day!

If you have been searching in all the wrong places to fill up the emptiness within you, look no further. He’s there and waiting for you to invite Him in. What have you got to lose?

I know my words are inadequate to describe how much His love and presence means to me. When you look up the word imperfect in the dictionary you’ll find my picture. I’m gratefully shocked that He even wanted me in His family. He still sees my faults and imperfections every day and loves me anyway.

I want others to feel His amazing grace, forgiveness and peace as well! Don’t wait until you’ve achieved perfection…it won’t happen this side of eternity, even after you’ve invited Him in. That was the whole reason He sacrificed His son to cover our imperfections. It’s as easy as that!

One thought on “Your Deepest Desire

  1. Needed to hear this!! Thank God He doesn’t require ‘perfection’ ! As His Word says, His strength is made perfect in our weakness”! Thanks for sharing this!! 🙏👏😊


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