Answer me this…Is our world going to hell in a handbasket? My MawMaw always said it would. Somedays I find myself believing it truly is. The world seems off center and people are so divided. Why have we let this happen? I blame our inaction and fear of rocking the boat of our safe little worlds. Plus, what if we offend someone? Ughhhhhh!


The fact is we may not be as divided as the media would have us believe. When you listen to today’s news, do you find yourself fearing for your family’s health and safety? It’s no wonder we feel so much fear.

OMG, I cannot believe how much negativity is repeated ad nauseum. Compare stations & see how many of them use the same wording over and over. It’s almost comical.

Not to mention the so-called “top news” stories are usually partial truths mixed with fear tactics. Then we learn later, that some of the stories were nothing but lies. And, when we learn they are untrue, we wait to hear a retraction and apology for the blatant lies….crickets.

What is the reason for this? In my humble opinion is it is conceived in pure evil. I’ve never cared as much as a flea for politics. or paid much attention to media bias. But all of a sudden my eyes & ears began opening to the fact that the media can’t be trusted to be 100% honest with us about ANYTHING…. Yes, I may be a slow learner.

Both sides of the media, whether liberals or conservatives, only tell the parts of the story that fits with their agenda. I do believe that we hear more truth from the conservative side, but they still irritate me on a regular basis. Fear, fear fear….

Stop It! All of you….just tell us the truth. We can take it. And, while you’re at it, quit using scare and division tactics all intermingled with your word vomit. I understand we need to be aware of what’s going on, but we don’t need to fear everything. And, another thing, skin color is not important. How about looking past the color of a our skin and instead focus on the character of people?

The good news is, good does eventually win. It always does…in the end. And, knowing that fact proves to me that we may, in fact, scare them more than they scare us. Why would they fear us? Well, I’m glad you asked?

Here’s one reason they fear us. Right now they are pompous and secure in feeling that they have all the power. But, what could be more frightening than all citizens coming together to demand the rights WE have….as legal citizens? And, not take no for an answer.

They fear us being awake and aware of what’s truly happening to our great home and country. I truly feel more people are waking up. You know there’s an awakening when more and more voices are heard about all of the starkly obvious injustices going on around us.

What happens next? Well, we start waking others up…and so on and so on. Ewww, they don’t like it when that happens.

Know what else makes them shake in their collective boots? Us being armed, that’s what. Our 2nd amendment gives us the right to own firearms. As long as we have this right they cannot demand conformity…and they very well know it. It doesn’t stop them from coming up with different excuses to take them away though, does it?

Gun crime is responsible for killing less people than knives do. Have you ever heard them demanding we give up our knives? I realize there are despicable idiots out there that use their guns for evil, but my belief is the majority of people are moral and actually care about others. And, if these idiots that are hell bent on killing people, don’t have access to guns, they will find another way to do it. Evil exists and will be an issue til the end of our time on earth. Sad, but true.

Stop Bullying Us!

You know what else they fear? They fear us standing up, speaking up and out! It’s understandable that so many of us are afraid to do this. When you do, they have a way of making you feel small. Like a loser…an outcast in the high school cafeteria being bullied by the popular crowd. So, we just hang our heads and walk away….. Or, do we?

They have a long list of fears, and here’s another one. Can you imagine how nervous they might get if we resist their ideas of changing our world? They would probably assume correctly that resistance would then lead to rebelling. If that didn’t work it might just turn into a full blown revolt. Now, that’s scary!

Have you heard the phrase “non-compliance” lately? Another fear to add to their list. They have a hard time understanding why we don’t comply to the rules and “mandates” they just make up when it suits their purpose. I’m not brilliant on the rules of enacting laws, but I think there just a little more to it than making it up as you go along. And, then expect others to follow suit, no matter how insane it might be. Nope, not doing it! How’s that for non-complying.

God did not give us a spirit of fear!

What if we all, in our non-complying ways, were then to band together? Lord have mercy? Their fear factor just went up a notch. And heaven help them when we do band together…we can then stand together, as one voice. I can almost feel them shaking now.

Do you think us coordinating our efforts would scare the begeezus outta of them? I do. But, do you know the thing that scares them the most? It’s the fact that we are figuring out that we are the majority. That holds tons of weight. It should almost make you feel a little more powerful, and more willing to stand up for our rights, shouldn’t it?

They may be more vocal (right now), but I feel our voices rising into a majority roar. They are scared to death that we might realize and begin to use our power to fight back against the insanity.

I’m sure there are more reasons for them to fear us, and they should. Why? Because we are One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice FOR ALL….

God Bless America

One thought on “FEAR

  1. OMGEEEE! This is so good! So TRUE ( Yes, the truth is still out there!). I’m inspired! As you said, God did not give us as Christians as spirit of fear!!


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