Time Alone With God


I cherish my alone time in the morning with God!  Nothing else like it can prepare me for the day ahead.  Don’t believe me?  Try it every morning for a week and prove to yourself that your days will be brighter & more focused.  Not to mention,  more of the “things” will get accomplished with His presence & strength than relying on your own strength.

During this alone time with Him, if you feel guilty for not “getting things done”, you can bet it’s Satan prodding you to give up this cherished time with God.  He doesn’t’ want you to grow spiritually.  He wants you tied up in knots all day and worrying about things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Speak the name of Jesus & Satan will flee.  God blesses your quiet time with Him, and your seeking heart pleases Him!

Guilt feelings will disappear when you realize you are faithfully responding to His divine magnetic pull that is inside of us all.  His never ending love, peace & forgiveness can satisfy your hungering soul like nothing else in this universe.

This quiet time is good for your soul and spiritual growth when you seek more than this world can provide.  God is pleased & delights in you when you delight in Him and seek Him with all your heart & soul.

Never, I mean never stop coming to Him with your weaknesses.  He’s the only one who can satisfy & fill the empty places within us.  Oh yes, and don’t forget thankfulness.  Be thankful for all things, especially a few moments of quiet time with Him.

I’d love to hear back after a week from those of you that actually try this.  Morning is best for me, because my mind is clear.  But, you pick the time that’s right for you.


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