Being Independent Ain’t All That

adult-biceps-body-38908Independent…  It’s what we all want to be.  Right?  I’ve said these very words to myself, many times before, “I don’t want to depend on anyone!”  That’s crazy!  Because, the truth is, we all fully depend on God, for everything.  He is our strength!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like I just can’t handle the multitude of tasks before me…the things that it takes to keep my house & 10 acres in shape, and not to mention starting a new job.  I whisper…so many times a day, “help me Jesus”…and He does!

I get angry with myself when I focus too much on the problem, instead of remembering such a simple little prayer.  But, I thank Him when He reminds me, over and over…..

I’m not saying I handle all my responsibilities perfectly… any means.  I’ve learned to accept and live with the imperfect and the fact that some days my “to do” list gets done in His time, not mine.  Set your priorities and write them down.  He’ll let you know when they need to change.

It’s funny now, but the other day I was simply trying to open a jar….  I fought & struggled with the stupid, super-glued on lid for I don’t know how long…..  I used everything I could think of…dry cloth, wet cloth, beat it with a knife, still no luck.  I accomplished nothing, except for getting mad as a red-faced hen and making my hands sore.  I may have even uttered a few choice words to the idiot who gorilla glued it shut….

Then I hung my head, paused, took a deep breath & said “give me strength Jesus”…and just like that, I was able to open it.  I just looked up a little sheepishly and smiled.  He helps us even in the small things!  Even when we are senseless, ignorant & brute beasts before Him…  That’s a verse in Psalms (73:22) that always smacks me upside the head.

This human desire to be independent, most likely, is a result of pride and the unrealistic goal of “self-sufficiency”.  Don’t we realize we’re dependent on Him for our very next breath?

God’s desire for us is that we learn to fully depend on Him in every situation & His total sufficiency.  There is nothing we can do, that has any eternal value, without Him.

Now, He could take away our free will and overwhelm us with His power. That would make it simple for us to learn, wouldn’t it?  However, He will never take away our right to choose to follow Him or not.  He loved us enough to give us the godlike privilege of freewill.  The ball is in our court.  Hit it back….or let it fall.

You have the choice…..Depend on Him as you move forward and enjoy His peace & holy presence…..or, flail about in the same rut you’ve dug for yourself until it’s too deep and too much trouble to crawl out of.

We need to understand that dependence is not something we need to be ashamed of.  We all should delight in dependence on Him, the way He designed us to be…..fully dependent!  The word says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, & He will give you the desires of your heart!”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It is…if we completely trust Him to help us in this endeavor.  However, don’t forget that there is a spiritual battle waging within us, at all times.  You know the angel & devil that stands on our shoulders whispering in our ears?  Don’t feel bad if you have to ask for His help 1 million times a day.  He totally understands our humanness.

As Sarah Young states, many times in her devotionals…ask the Holy Spirit to live, love, think & speak through you today.  I know I have to ask Him 100 or more times a day, but it really works!   Thank you God for Your sufficiency for our insufficiency!

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