Keep Your Head Up!

Have you ever had days where you noticed you’re walking with your head down?  Or, have you gotten to the point where you just don’t notice anymore?  Walk with your head up….everywhere you go.  But, be smart and watch where you’re going.

I noticed myself staring at the ground as I trudged around my property yesterday.  It was just another crummy day and I was hosting yet another pity party.  No one was invited, but me.  I was feeling alone, sad and, to be honest, probably bored.  I’m sure that’s the reason my head was hanging low.  Not to mention the fact that I was focusing on myself…..again, and not on Him.

But, thankfully, all of a sudden, it’s like the Holy Spirit reminded me to look up.  He’ll remind you too, if you ask.  I remembered what Sarah Young wrote.  She said that hope is a golden cord connecting us to heaven.  The cord holds our heads up & shoulders back.  When our heads are up we can see forward.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hope lifted my head & my view changed dramatically.  I could see the many blessings from God right in front of and all around me.  When I was looking down, all I could see was my trudging feet, weeds & the dry cracked ground. Nothing praise worthy there.

I do realize that sometimes we have to watch where we’re walking, especially if we have fur babies that leave surprises for us, here & there.  However, it doesn’t mean we have to keep our heads down, does it?

Let’s practice living in His presence and remember the hope of heaven, no matter what may come.  He is with us!!  Ask Him to forgive you for the wrong focus and look up.

Find those golden cords of hope that connect you to heaven, lift your head up and discover the blessings around you.  Or, stay at your pity party.  The choice is always yours.  You decide.  If you make the wrong choice, don’t blame Him.




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