What Are You Thinking About?


Guess what….yesterday’s gone.  You don’t live there anymore.

The door to a new life & future is standing open at the top of your deep rut…beckoning you. All you have to do is start climbing the steps.  Take one step at a time until you get there and then just walk through.

But, before you take that step out of the rut, you have to decide whether you’re ready to close and lock the door to your past…..from the inside.  And you have to choose whether to leave the key inside, or not.  If you leave the key inside, there’s no going back.    But, if you choose to take the key, you’ll find yourself stepping back through that door, time and time again.  The latter is a “no going forward” choice.  Forget the key!

To be honest with you, going forward is not always easy.  I’ve taken the key with me more times than I’m willing to admit in writing…..

There will be times when you have no idea where to start, self-doubts, a plethora of excuses & distractions….rutted recordings playing over & over in your head telling you “you can’t do it”.  Heck, you’ll even wonder who you are now.  If I ever figure that one out, I’ll be sure & let you know.

Truth be told, if you take a hard look at yourself, you’ll probably find that times of doubt & excuses are results of focusing on or thinking about yourself…not Him.  Trust me….I know this for a fact.  I feel like a penny waiting for change when I so easily & frequently forget to think about my thoughts.  I’ve discovered it’s gonna be a lifelong learning process.  I thank Him for reminding me……each time.

Now stop your whining and actually do something….that is, if you want to live the life He has planned for you.  Don’t get discouraged if your thoughts don’t change overnight….because they won’t.  We’ve been listening to our old thoughts for so long, it’ll take time to train yourself to think new thoughts.  But, have no doubt….you can do it!

You…yes, YOU have to decide what to focus on & think about.  Think about your thoughts.  Listen to the right voices.  How?  With lots of prayer and practice, that’s how!  Ask the Holy Spirit to think through you.

Then, all you have to do is make the life changing decision to move forward…..or not.  Yes…still you!  Nobody can force you to change.  Even God gave you freewill.

Moving forward is scary, especially if you’ve been in your rut for a very long time & the climb seems insurmountable.  It may seem impossible at first, but remember, nothing is impossible for Him….just a little unknown and very scary at times for us.

All He wants is for you to take the first step…..in faith.  He’ll even help you up.  Ask & believe.  Physically and mentally reach your hand up to take His.  Keep holding on & embrace every single day as it comes and cherish the future He’s giving you.

When you feel like you’re on heading back to the rut, grab hold of His hand again….no matter how many times it takes.

Let’s learn to live again!

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