Belief is So Much Better Than Unbelief

If you haven’t heard Lauren Daigle’s new song, You Say….then I highly recommend that you listen to it.  It truly touches my heart.  I know it will yours too!

opened bible on wooden surfaca

I believe….  If that’s so, why do I continue to be so lax in working to reach the goals I set for myself?   I’m so tired of listening to voices in my head that tell me I’m not enough, it’s too much work, I can’t do it.  These are lies straight from the pits of hell. They even smell like smoke… The voices tell me I’ll never measure up…..

Well then, if I’m gonna believe all that nonsense, then there’s no reason I should even try to get out of my well-traveled rut.  It’s my comfort zone.  Plus, it’s easier to do nothing.

Our lives are, and always will be, full of ups & downs, highs & lows.  Are we just the sum of these highs & lows?  Or, does He have a specific purpose for each one of us?  His word says He has a plan for us…now we just need to make the right choices when we’re presented with them.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need God to remind me, daily, of who I am… Him.  It’s the only thing that makes sense in this crazy mixed up place we live in.

Even when we have days that nothing seems to matter and we can’t seem to feel anything, He says we are still loved by Him.  His strength is magnified when we’re at our weakest. We just have to remember He’s there….before the pity party starts.

He holds us in His mighty arms when we fall short……daily, over & over again.  He doesn’t see us as we see ourselves.  He looks through eyes of grace.  It’s amazing to me that He continues to cover us with His grace.  He even sacrificed His Son to cover us, because He knew we’d never be able to measure up on our own.

When you begin to feel as if you don’t belong here, or anywhere for that matter….or , if you feel like what you do doesn’t matter to anyone, just remember that He says, we are His.  We do belong!! We matter!

Your heart will actually jump for joy when you truly, 100% believe.  Until then, you may have to repeat “I believe!” 500 million times a day.  But eventually, after you train your brain,  you won’t even have to put out the effort.  You’ll finally realize that you DO believe what He says of you.

The things of importance in your life will suddenly be rearranged.  What He thinks of you should become the most important priority in your life.  Because, in Him is your true identity.  In Him you find your worth…..your purpose.

If you don’t believe me….read His word.  Well actually, whether you believe me or not, you should read His word anyway.  You’ll see something new every time you do.

Now, all we have to do is take everything….the failings, the voices, the indecision, the procrastination, all the things we’re holding onto that have no purpose, gather them all up and lay them down at His feet.

He’ll also be keeper of our wins, our accomplishments and our victories….lest our pride gets in the way.

Thank you, Lauren Daigle for your music.  This is how “You Say” touched my soul.

Father, I believe……help me in my unbelief!  Nothing is impossible for You!



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