Want to Look Younger?

Like most of you, I like to stay as fit as possible, especially at my age (which is nun ur….) OK, fine…..I’m in my sixties. However, we all have some sad & neglected muscles that we don’t even think of working on.  Then when we get old and look in the mirror we say “Mom was right!!!!  My face has stuck this way…..”

Don’t believe me? Look at the expressions on some of the the faces on the people next time you’re at Walmart…

The realization hits us that these often neglected muscles aren’t used as much as they should be. Well, the good news is, you’re never too old to start!

I don’t want to scare you, but this is one of the hardest exercises you’ll ever do.  Now, don’t run away because I said the “E” word…. Trust me, this movement will brighten even your dreariest days.

Have you ever been looking in your mirror thinking I need a face lift?  Do you believe it’s only for the rich?  Well, that is so not true!  We can have one every day!

I call this exercise the face lift anyone can afford…. Yes, it’s difficult to begin and tough to stick with….but it’s so worth it.  And, who doesn’t have at least one minute a day to devote to a younger looking face?

If you haven’t already made a daily habit of using these muscles, it might be a challenge until you’ve built up your stamina.  Don’t worry it only takes one minute (unless you decide to increase the time after a while).

Here we go…You’ll need a timer for this one.  It’s harder than you think, unless you’re in great shape from years of practice.  Most people are not.  When you start it, it may surprise you how long a minute really is.  

To begin, set your timer for one minute, and if it helps, look into a mirror while doing this exercise.  Better yet, have a friend do it with you to hold you accountable.  The good news is there is NO need to check with your physician before beginning this exercise.  Anyone can do it!

Now, get ready and take a deep breath….1, 2, 3 smile.  Yes, I said smile…for a full minute. Don’t cheat.  You’ll eventually be able to increase the time as your face becomes accustomed to this movement.  You can do this exercise up to more than a 1000 times a day.  Bonus….you don’t even get sore…

Now admit it….your face was lifted, wasn’t it…at least for a minute? You looked younger too.  Not to mention, your mood & outlook on life may actually have been lifted as well. 

And, the biggest bonus of all…..your world will be a much more positive place to live when this exercise becomes as natural as breathing. You might even find you are doing it without even trying after a while. 

Do it!  Work on those smile muscles! Let’s start a “Smile Movement”!!! Work it into your family time. I guarantee you’ll have everyone smiling and laughing.

Be thankful in all things…..

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