Is This Your Moment?

There are mirrors on the walls of my rut.  And, at this age, I try to avoid them as much as possible.  But, there are days when I look into one and it tells me that I’ll be stuck in this rut forever.  Then I hang my head and let negative discouraging thoughts win.  Could it be I’m making a wrong choice????

Then there are other days, when my mind is in the right place, the mirror may say to me, keep climbing because you got this girl….   Then I look up and see the sun at the top and continue to climb…..just a little further. 

Well, from now on I have something to say to that negative Nelly mirror telling me I can never change…that I’ll always be stuck.  I say goodbye to you…with God’s help & love.  You’re no longer welcome here.

Goodbye to the self induced guilt that sits on my shoulders pretty much keeping me in chains.  To the things I can’t change from my past.  To all the painful trials I’ve endured.  And, last but not least, to all the mistakes….large and small that I’ve made.  And Lordy, there’s a bunch of em…

When these thoughts start to pop up, I’m just gonna say…..that was then…this is now!  I’m saying goodbye to who I was then…I’m not that girl anymore.  And, I’m learning to love and respect the person I’m becoming, as I continue to climb up and work on figuring out my purpose.  Cause I know there’s at least one for all of us.

It’s such comforting news to me that His mercy is new every morning.  If only we could wrap our tiny little minds around that fact.  Just another thing to be thankful for! 

Remember, if you don’t succeed in your goals today, try again tomorrow.  In just a moment, one moment, when you least expect it, everything can turn around.  So, quit waiting.  Here’s your moment. Make right choices.

You can say goodbye to all the things that hold you back, as well!  When I find myself giving into the negative thoughts, I’m messing up again and totally forgetting about His grace.  It’s hard for me to imagine His great grace.  That’s why I so easily slip back down. But, I’m working on it.

What’s grace you say?  Grace is getting what we don’t deserve…unconditional love.  And, mercy is not getting what we deserve…being struck by lightning.  I’d be fried…..just sayin..

Thankfully, unlike us, He doesn’t hold our sins, our past or anything else against us.  His Son’s sacrifice took care of that for Him.  We’re covered.

You can spend your whole life running from Him, but if He wants you, you can’t outrun His love.    You can actually experience and feel His peace when you don’t give in to the fear, doubts, guilt feelings, or when your whole world is just falling apart.  But, it’s a choice…..

Your story doesn’t have to stop here, going around the same path….over and over and over.  However, it’s inevitable that that mirror will try to convince you of your unworthiness, probably on a daily basis.  It may even seem to grow hands to pull you back down into the rut, especially if you’re making progress. 

Just never forget, you DO NOT have to go back. Nope, you don’t!

So, take advantage of this moment, your moment.  Make the positive change in your thoughts and attitudes.  Here’s your moment.  You choose.  You got this!!!!

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