You Can Turn Your Dark Days Around

We all have days where it seems dark in all directions.  Nothing seems to go as planned.  No one seems to care.  Poor, poor pitiful me! Darkness surrounds us and misery wins.  Once again our pity party of one is a huge success.  It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to.  Negativity and self pity are the hosts of these parties.  

I’ve been there and will probably have more like it before my time is through.  Those dark days are the ones when I’m totally focused on me,  myself and my problems.  Ring any bells?

Some days it’s easier than others, but when I eventually get outta my own head, focus on Him and pull back the curtains, I finally see the light.  Even on the darkest days when I feel like I’m going under, I know deep down inside my heart that it’s all gonna be alright.  He consoles me and turns me toward the light streaming in the window He’s always provided.  It’s been there, it just gets covered up sometimes with real life problems.

How easily we forget that God has given us a window where His light can shine through. But, the good news is when we are at our weakest, He is strong.  He makes a way out of the darkness into the light.  Always has, always will!  Our job is to open our eyes and heart, follow and believe.

I know what you’re thinking.  Yeah, this seems too easy and too good to be true.   Well then, you don’t know the God I know.  In my humble opinion, He’s known for always coming through for us….just when we need Him.  His timing has always been perfect.  Maybe not understandable to us, but it is His perfect timing…for the plan He has for us.

Just thought I’d take the time to say, no matter where you are in life, whether young, old, or in between, His love will never leave you.  You may leave Him for a bit, but He’ll always welcome you back with open arms.  Are you thankful yet?

Just remember, it’s all gonna be alright.  It’s His promise and He is our light!  No matter what you’re going through there is light at the end of your tunnel (or rut)….  Get outta your own head and just believe in our window provider!  He’ll change your focus too!

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