I’m Breaking Up With You!

Today is my late husband’s birthday.  He’s been gone almost 7 years now and I’m just beginning to see light in the distance.  Just hope it’s not an oncoming train…

I still miss him…some days more than others.  But, today I realize that I’ve been living in fear of what the rest of my life is supposed to mean.  I’ve put myself in a rut that’s completely comfortable and not very beneficial to my future. 

So fear, today I’m breaking up with you!  You’re not welcome in my life anymore.  Go away and stay away.  God has greater plans for me than living with you!

I’ve had as much of you in my life as I can take.  I’m sick and tired of walking around the same rut day after day.  I’m done and so very over being afraid.  I keep going back and forth through the same motions.  If you take a stick and draw a line in the sand and keep digging into that same line, it’s gonna keep getting deeper, isn’t it?

Fear, you’ve probably heard this before but now there’s only one way for me to tell you.  So, I’m just gonna say it.  You don’t own me and you’re out of my ongoing story.  I’m going to let God’s peace own me now.  I’m not listening to you tell me what I’m not, like you know me?  Well, guess what?  I don’t think so.

Fear will not define me from this day forward…because, I know who I am.  I’m strong and I am free.  God didn’t give me this spirit of fear.  I’ve got my own identity…therefore, you’ll never be welcome here again.

I know it’s hard for you to hear and/or believe.  We’ve been together now for so long.  I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you?  But, it’s time for me to give up some things and the first thing to go is you.  I know you’ll try to sneak back in occasionally, but when you see the “No Vacancy” sign on my heart just know there’s no room for you here.  I’ve finally had enough.

Is there anyone else out there like me?  Do you need to break up with fear too?  Then just say it….fear doesn’t own me and there’s no room left here for fear.  God’s peace is moving into the empty space you’re leaving.  Get out & stay out. You’ll never be welcome back!

Thank you Francessca Batistelli for The Breakup Song!!  I’ve made it my theme song from this day forward.

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