Just Let Go

I’ve been having a couple of those days lately where I truly don’t know which direction I’m supposed to be going.  I feel like I’m whirling around like an Oklahoma tornado and getting a whole lot of nothing completed.  I pray and pray for direction.  And, I admit I get very frustrated. 

Are you there Lord? Can you hear me?   At times, mostly when I’m trying to take control of a situation, it seems like You aren’t hearing me at all.  At those times I’ve even gone past the point of being disrespectful to You.  Thank you for Your constant never ending forgiveness.

I know that You alone are God.  To be completely honest, I get scared when I don’t know which direction to go…or when I can’t see the end of a problem.  So, I grasp on to the problem like an eagle grabs onto a squirrel….like it’s all my responsibility to figure it all out by myself.  Or, I just go deeper into yet another full blown pity party.  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee?????

Then it hits me….all You want from me is to just let go.  While I’m reveling in my own importance of figuring everything out on my own, You’re doing things behind the scenes that I don’t even see.  Waters are parting, mountains are being moved…making a way for me out of yet another abyss that I put myself into. 

You’re answering prayers even before I speak them.  My prayers may or may not be answered in the way I think they should be, but that’s where faith and trust come into play.

All you need for me to be is still.  Oh Lord, you, more than anyone, know how hard that is for me to do.  So, I’ll trust You and learn how to let my insufficiency lean on Your complete sufficiency. 

Could it be that maybe, You want me to bring my praises to You, instead of always, my needs?  Maybe You want me to read Your word more, so that I can be still and rest on Your amazing promises.  Maybe You want me to stop and take the time to think about how blessed I truly am…because of You.  And the fact that You’ve always blessed me…so much more than I deserve! 

I’ve seen and know Your great faithfulness.  Please teach me to be still and know that You are God! 

Thankfully, it’s never been me who is in control.  It’s always been You!  I’m sorry that I forget that fact so easily and so often.

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