First Step…Admit It

Stop the noise!!!!!

Maybe it’s the Texas heat, or maybe it just laziness that has zapped my creative flow.

I know I need to write, but my mind is a complete blank.  Well, that’s a lie straight from the pits of hell. 

There are so many ideas and such crazy random minutia ping-ponging around in my head at all times…vying for attention. 

I’d love attention or focus that last longer than a nano second, please.  The constant din eventually turns into a big fat blank.  It compares to the constant summer symphony of the cicadas in Texas.

I totally know what I’m doing…or better yet, what I’m NOT doing that brings about the same results time and time again. 

Why don’t I listen to my own advice?  Why do I wait til I’m at this point before I starting doing what I should be doing?  And…..when I do start, I then go back and repeat the cycle.  My rut deepens….

Did I mention I have a problem with procrastination?  I’ll do all the easy daily chores to keep me busy.  Why?  Because they’re easy!!!  And, they make a great excuse for me…for not having the time to do what it takes to reach my goals.  Can you relate?

Now to tell you what I’m NOT doing, that I SHOULD BE doing.  Here are just a few things:

  • I’m not making plans – or setting goals
  • I’m not writing a list of tasks toward those goals
  • Therefore, no lists, no prioritizing
  • I’m not setting a time limit for each tasks – or completion dates
  • Since the list is nonexistent, nothing is getting marked off
  • And, it feels good to mark things off your list
  • To put it bluntly, I’m not doing the work required of me

Why I ask you, why?  If I truly want to accomplish my goals, I know without a doubt I need to do these things. Religiously!    

I have no excuse……

It’s just too stinking easy for me to blow off these steps…over and over again.  Here’s a prime example for you…I started this blog three days ago.  Stop laughing!  I’m sooooo unworthy!!! 

Yes, I’m the worst procrastinator EVER!!!!  Is there a procrastinator anonymous? I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem.

That’s enough of that negativity! Now, I’ll tell you what I AM going to do.  It’s time to turn things around and start calling myself a “former procrastinator” and quit listening to the voice in my head that tells me different. 

It’s clear to me that marking tasks off my list gives me a sense of accomplishment. And, it’s a good feeling.  I like good feelings. Therefore, I’m closing this blog now and writing a list for this upcoming week.

I will hold myself accountable and succeed or hang my head in shame and quit this blog. 

One day at a time…it’s a process.  But, as I’ve said before, “nothing is impossible with God”.  I am weak, but He is strong! 

That’s my truth and I am thankful!

Feel free to join me on this quest and leave your comments. Thanks for stopping by. Now, go start your list.

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