In The Middle of My Mess

Why me Lord?

So, last night I’m standing in my kitchen and hear what sounds like the tail end of a washing machine spin cycle from hell.  No big deal, you say?   Well it is when it’s coming from your attic.

It was my air conditioner unit going whacko.  Fantastic, that’s all I need, I grumbled and just turned it off and made a mental note to call the AC people tomorrow. 

Skip ahead to today.  I got up thanking God for another beautiful day.  I stretched, and walked down the hall to get my coffee and let the dogs out. 

As I opened the blinds and looked out my kitchen window I noticed a huge puddle standing in my front yard.  Did it rain?  Of course it didn’t rain…this is Texas in July. 

It was a bubbling brook seeping up from an underground plumbing leak.  Noooooo…..why meeeeeeee?

Easy come, easier go!

Dollar signs begin exploding in my brain…for both of these unexpected pains in my backside.  Worry thoughts flew in and completely disrupted the peaceful feeling I woke up with. 

Well, I’m proud to tell you that suddenly I realized what was happening.  I stopped worrying right then and there and looked up and said “thank you God for meeting my every need”. 

Miraculously, the peace was back!  I don’t mean to brag…but if you knew how often I don’t do this, you’d be proud of me too.

It’s so easy to feel blessed when our lives are going along smoothly.  We even begin to take the smooth road for granted. 

But, when we’re in the middle of our little messes, our reactions often resemble that of a toddler.  We so quickly and easily forget how big we are blessed. We make the choice to let these interruptions and problems drive us crazy.  And, when I say we, I mean me…

God Carries Me

All of a sudden, your well thought out schedule or budget gets upended.  The previous thoughts of being blessed are forgotten…..temporarily.

You know exactly how it feels when you have to spend your limited time frantically looking for something….your keys or your phone.  And, of course you’re late for an appointment. Or, traffic is at a standstill…again.  Or, your AC and plumbing explode at the same time.  The list goes on and on.  The amount of interruptions that occur in our lifetime cannot be numbered.

These are the kinds of interruptions that drive us bonkers.  They get under our skin.  They are not something we would choose.  We have no control over them. 

They’re the rocks that trip us up on our smooth journey.  I don’t know about you, but I have boulders I have to climb over, at times.

Let me ask you.  How do you usually react to these unforeseen irritating situations?  Do you grumble and get increasingly more frustrated, blame someone else, or, go to yet another pity party?

Do you ever stop yourself and think to say, “thank you Lord for your help”?  That small prayer may sound silly to you, but don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it….and believe He is able.

We have to remind ourselves, constantly, that God knows exactly what He’s doing in our lives.  I don’t believe that He causes all of these roadblocks, they’re just life hiccups. However, I believe He uses them to help us grow and learn to depend on Him more.  If we choose to let them, the trials will build our trust in Him.  Trust muscles need a workout too, you know?

I suppose He figures if we face enough road blocks we will eventually conquer our frustrations and replace with trusting peace….and we’ll then become less impatient about small things.  And, remember they’re all small in the grand scheme of things. He realizes that it takes us a while to grasp this heavenly knowledge.  Some more than others…. #moreguiltythanmost #thankfulforHispatience

To follow up on my dilemmas…I flipped the breaker off and on for the air conditioner and it came back on.  No repairman needed today.  Happy feet!

And as I finish writing this post, the plumbers are filling the big hole in the yard up and are almost done with the repairs.  I don’t know the costs yet, but I know God will provide….at all times.   So, therefore, it’s not the end of the world as the liar in my head would have had me believe.

Thank you God for reminding me that Your peace is always accessible…right smack in the middle of my messes.  I’ve got a new appreciation for thankfulness and trust.  Never stop reminding me how close You are.

Thank God that He’s in charge…and not me.  We’d all be in trouble. 

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