Say Goodbye To Your Chains

As I was walking in the 96+ Texas heat yesterday, sweat poured from my body and I felt like I had heavy chains around my ankles.  It was as though I was walking up a steep hill through deep mud with army boots on. The progress was painfully slow.  The effort zapped all of my strength. 

Thankfully, I was listening to music and a Jordan Feliz song came on, Best of Me.  If you haven’t heard it…go listen.  I believe God uses music to motivate and move us forward.

So, I kicked my chains to the curb and said hello to His perfect love.  His strength got me back to where I was headed.  And, you know what?  I even walked a little further. 

We all have days when we feel completely drained and that nothing matters…or feel unworthy or ashamed to even seek God’s purpose.   We sink deeper into the deep muddy rut of our lives, never realizing that He’s always there to pull us up.  And, when we do realize it, we’re often ashamed to ask Him for help.  Why? Because we are so unworthy and imperfect. Once again, our focus is on us….not Him.

Well, you too can turn your head from your shame when you look upon His face of love.  He sees us through eyes of grace.  You don’t have to be perfect to talk to Him.  Come as you are….that’s all He wants. Jesus did the rest.

He will give you a reason to live.  Your life will have new meaning.  Thank you God for the hope you give.  You’re all we ever need and want.  Everything we seek is found in Him.  You can even kick loneliness to the curb along with your chains.

Trust that truth!  You will be lifted higher than your doubts and your heart will jump for joy.  Start living in His presence.  Only He will bring out the best of you. 

It’s true!  I can testify! He lights a fire under me and gives me strength beyond my own. The peace I feel is amazing and only comes through Him.  I can almost feel His hand in mine as He leads me forward.

Do you really want out of your rutted existence?  Do ya?  Then make the choice to let His love inspire you every day.  Let it take you higher, pull you forward and make you stronger.

Be a fighter and let Him bring out the best of you too!  His presence is closer than the air you breathe.  He’s never been unreachable.   He’s just waiting on you to call on His name.

Tomorrow when you rise let thankfulness be the first thing that comes out of your mouth. Thank Him for a new day and His presence and help throughout each day.

Thankfulness is the antidote for depression, complaining and discouragement.  Let God bring out the best of you.  It’s your choice.

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